Conduct a successful Media Tour: Invite on time Japanese media/journalists/ influencer to your country


When you plan to reach your target in Japan, inviting media/journalists/influencers to your country and provide the opportunity to write about you is actually a common and very attractive PR method.

The motivation for the media tour could be anything and you can invite the journalist anywhere around the world as long as you have an interesting story to tell. For example,

-A New CEO has joined your company and you want to set up an executive interview with a Japanese business media at the headquarter or a private event in order to impress potential customers in Japan.
-You have opened a new bakery store in a unique way, and it gets a massive local attraction and you want Japanese travelers to stop by your stores so you invite bakery influencer.
-You manage a beautiful hotel in the countryside and there is something special about it. so You invite travel journalist or influencer to your hotel and let them stay there for a few days and have them experience the specialty.
-You are a famous musician in your country (but not in Japan), and you plan to record your next-album and you want Japanese music journalists to listen and write about it so you can reach Japanese music lovers.

Of course, the media tour will require some expenses just like an advertisement. However, it has two major benefits over the advertisement in my opinion.

  1. It is usually a lot cheaper than an advertisement. If you produce an advertisement, it would cost you everything related to production. On the other hand, the media tour only requires you to cover the cost of a journalist’s travel cost (air and hotel) since it is considered a reporting process.
  2. Compared to an advertisement, a PR article tend to acquire more trust from the audience since the audience knows that information in the article is not controlled by the client. Indeed, there is a risk than an advertisement as you do not have control over an article. However, you can get rid of the risk by careful preparation and media relation. You provide media an opportunity to write an article and let the rest being handled by the journalist and editors.

Sounds like a good PR plan, right? However, for most companies, organizations, individuals from outside of Japan and who do not have office nor employees here, it is not easy to reach local media because of the location and language barrier. Even if you decide to hire a local PR agency or one of the Japanese branches of a global PR agency to support you, it would cost more than a million yen for one project so it is not a realistic idea unless you are from Fortune 500 enterprises. A sigh? Let us give you an estimate first. Since we are a team of professional freelancers, we can provide qualified support just like the big agency does with a reasonable fee. Thank you for reading and have a good PR!

What we can do for you.

・Media Tour Planning
・Media and journalist research which appropriate for client target
・Media approach and negotiation
・Travel Management and coordination
・On-site support (including interview attend)