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No matter if you are a business person or an artist, profile picture always matters for your success. It is because your profile picture would be the first thing that your client, customer, or producer is going to know about you. No one wants to give a bad impression.

If you are an actor, that’ll be your audition. If you are a business person, you may use your profile picture for LinkedIn, business card or for your company’s website. If someone sees your profile picture and thinks that you may look not happy and not trustful? For sure, it is just a profile picture and it won’t take all the chances you have simply because it does not look good, but the first impression surely takes some effort to change it and it is not easy. So what do you say? Maybe it is time to take your profile picture a little more serious and let professional photographer work for you.

I am an English speaking professional photographer based in Tokyo. I learned photography at Santa Monica College, which was selected top 10 photography major in the United States. I left US in 2013 and have been shooting pictures in Tokyo since then.

Please feel free to contact me for estimate. I am happy to cater to your budget.
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You can take a look my works from below. Hope you would like it.
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