本記事では、イラストレーター、インスタグラマー、カメラマン、デザイナーインフルエンサー、YouTuberなど、個人で活動するクリエイター向けのサービスを紹介しています。 海外の企業や個人から、ツイッターやインスタグラムを介して仕事の依頼が来たことはありませんか?海外でご自身の作品やアートが評価された、ましてや仕事の依頼が来るということはクリエイターにとって大変喜ばしいことです。世界に挑戦できるまたとないチャンス。しかし身近なクリエイターに話を聞くと、依頼を確認し内容に興味を持っているものの、以下のような理由で返信せず、そのまま放置してしまうケースが多いようです。

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Coca Cola is introducing a coke-flavored energy drink in Japan

Coca-Cola will launch the Coca-Cola brand’s first energy drink “Coca-Cola Energy” from July 1, 2019. “Coca-Cola Energy” contains caffeine, guarana extract, vitamin B6 and niacin, and is developed as the only energy drink that can enjoy the unique taste of “Coca-Cola.” Introduction background According to Cola-Cola, “Coca-Cola Energy” is a new challenge for the “Coca-Cola” brand, which was born to provide a new energy drink that meets customer needs. “Energy Drinks is one of the fastest growing markets in the beverage industry,” said Javier Mesa, Global Chief Marketing Officer for Coca-Cola’s Carbonated Beverages Business. “I am very happy to be able to propose” Coca-Cola Energy “from the” Coca-Cola “brand for […]

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2019 – 8 Technology Trends in Japan

With the Tokyo Olympics within sight, business transformation is expected to accelerate in 2019. Facing lots of difficulties such as the declining birth rate and the US-China trade war, the circumstances surrounding Japan may not be so optimistic. However, it has been proved that there is always a big business opportunity in tough times. Whether you’re an investor looking for an investment opportunity in Japan or planning to develop new business in Japan, it would be necessary to keep in mind the latest digital trends and not to miss it. According to Forbes Japan, there are 8 tech trends in Japan for 2019. Source: Forbes Japan: Tech trends in Japan […]

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TOP 5 press release distribution services – JAPAN 2019

Press release distribution is a key tool to reach journalists and media, attract new customers and to gain online visibility through search engines, social media in Japan. Unfortunately, there are not many companies offer their services in English but it is still worth to know who is the key player. #1. PR TIMES “PR TIMES” is the No. 1 press release distribution service in Japan. PR TIMES is selected by 32.17% of public-listed companies. In addition, among the many press release distribution services, PR TIMES is characterized by its delivery strength. PR TIMES has more than 7.38 million PV per month and has more than 12,000 delivery networks. Considering the […]

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