TOP 5 press release distribution services – JAPAN 2019


Press release distribution is a key tool to reach journalists and media, attract new customers and to gain online visibility through search engines, social media in Japan. Unfortunately, there are not many companies offer their services in English but it is still worth to know who is the key player.


“PR TIMES” is the No. 1 press release distribution service in Japan. PR TIMES is selected by 32.17% of public-listed companies. In addition, among the many press release distribution services, PR TIMES is characterized by its delivery strength. PR TIMES has more than 7.38 million PV per month and has more than 12,000 delivery networks. Considering the numbers, PR TIMES is probably the press release distribution service to consider first. The fee is starting from 30,000 yen per release. There is also a plan for unlimited delivery with a monthly, half-year, or flat-rate contract. If your company is a startup, they will give you a special offer to deliver one press release every month free of charge.

#2. @PRESS

“@Press” is one of the leading press release distribution service along with PR TIMES. The service is characterized by its ability to deliver press releases to various destinations from newspapers to magazines, TVs, web media and a wide range of targets. In addition, @Press offers easy to create a media list according to the release content and it helps the client to prevent sending their release to the wrong media. @Press also provides proof-read and editing service by a professional writer. The fee is starting from 30,000 yen per release.

#3 Kyodo News PR Wire

Kyodo News PR Wire is a press release distribution service operated by one of the two Japanese biggest wire company called Kyodo News. In addition to distribution to Japanese media and Web media,
Kyodo News PR Wire can distribute news to overseas that makes use of the communications company’s network. Worldwide press releases will be distributed to 1.5 million locations in 35,000 media worldwide. In addition, they offers editing service in English as well as translating. The fee is starting from 78,000 yen per release.

#4 News2u

News2u is a press release distribution company that has been in service for 16 years. In addition to press release distribution, they offer proof-read and editing service. The fee is starting from 25,000 yen per release. Since 2017, The Japan Times Starts a News Release Service in Conjunction with News2U Corporation. It could be beneficial to use News2u for someone who wishes to reach Japan Time’s core readership of non-Japanese living both in and outside of Japan who has a strong interest in Japan, as well as for Japanese business people with English proficiency. The established additional press release page:

#5 Dream News

“Dream News” offers low-price press release distribution service and it is the fixed price of 10,000 yen no matter how many times it is delivered for 30 days. In addition to being cheap, it is also characterized by the fact that the number of destination media is more than 7,000.

Considering press release distribution in Japan?

If you are considering to distribute your press release in Japan and need some help, feel free to contact us ( We can help you from localizing (translating and editing) your press-release, finding the right press release distributing agency that fits your budget, contacting and negotiating with the agencies on behalf of you, selecting the right media and creating appropriate media list just for your press release.