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Coca Cola is introducing a coke-flavored energy drink in Japan


Coca-Cola will launch the Coca-Cola brand’s first energy drink “Coca-Cola Energy” from July 1, 2019. “Coca-Cola Energy” contains caffeine, guarana extract, vitamin B6 and niacin, and is developed as the only energy drink that can enjoy the unique taste of “Coca-Cola.”

Introduction background

According to Cola-Cola, “Coca-Cola Energy” is a new challenge for the “Coca-Cola” brand, which was born to provide a new energy drink that meets customer needs. “Energy Drinks is one of the fastest growing markets in the beverage industry,” said Javier Mesa, Global Chief Marketing Officer for Coca-Cola’s Carbonated Beverages Business. “I am very happy to be able to propose” Coca-Cola Energy “from the” Coca-Cola “brand for customers who want a different energy drink.

New positive energy design

The package design is a novelty that’s perfect for new products like never before. Increase the visibility in vending machines, supermarkets, convenience stores, the word “ENERGY” that can be recognized at a glance with energy drinks and the positive of the “Coca-Cola” brand propagate from the logo mark, the entire wave It is finished in a unique and innovative design arranged in.

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